Dongchang Auto “96800 Auto service know-it-all” is a “special, dedicated and exclusive” auto service hot line. “Special” means building the most complete auto service knowledge database in the industry to provide all-round service support for customers; “dedicated” lies in all details that will be incorporated into the service summary of “know-it-all” for customer satisfaction; “exclusive” is to organize an auto “think tank” of a single item or full items to provide one-to-one counseling of “specialists or technicians” for customers. Any knotty problem can be resolved promptly.

As an important communication window between Dongchang Auto and customers, “96800 Auto service know-it-all” has been well received by customers. “Consultation, complaint, rescue and appointment” have let customers enjoy the special services of Dongchang Auto.

“96800 Auto service know-it-all” always upholds the service purposes of “integrity, standard and profession” and works on helping more people to learn automobile and to enjoy the life joys from auto. “Know-it-all” not only meets service needs of auto customers but also shoulders widespread social responsibilities. It assumes the social responsibility of corporate citizenship by the “grafting” connection with hot lines of urban public security traffic-police, Industry & Commerce Bureau, auto industry associations, banks and insurance. “96800 Auto service know-it-all” of Dongchang Auto has won “China Best Call Centre”, “Shanghai Model Unit” and “Pudong New Area Advanced Unit” and so on.

With the building of a moderately prosperous society, safe, superior and rapid auto sales and after-sale market service will become the focus of consumers. “96800 Auto service know-it-all” of Dongchang Auto will continue to improve service quality and provide customers with satisfactory service.

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